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The statistics are clear. People process visuals 60,000 times faster than they do text.

While a lot of consumers only retain 20 % of what they read, they can retain up to 80 percent of what they see.


The best way to sell a product is to show it from every angle and highlights all its specialty. All those pictures can be used in social media platforms, booking sites, brochures or any online or offline platforms. 

MANAWA can take those high quality and captivating pictures, and edit them.


Stunning videos are amazing for your online presence.

We love capturing the beauty of a place or product, by creating a video that shows the essence of it. 


Using effective visuals helps you to power up your communications, boost engagement, and spark up your social media.

We can also help you create a beautiful plan of when and what to post on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube).

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