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I love traveling and working with clients worldwide, creating and capturing the beauty of all.

I love the diversity that comes with different projects, the unique solutions, and the quality of the final output. I have created websites and visuals for one of Maui's best-known yoga studios, a stunning Italian hotel chain, an Egyptian wild dolphin swimming program, and Hungary's well-known mentalist.

I could go on and on, but I want you to be the next.

 Please do check out our services or simply, get in touch.


MOANI Design was born

while I was visiting Hawaii.

MOANI means: "breeze of scent".


While I was traveling the world l

loved the beauty of it and I wanted

to make something meaningful and

that is how MOANI visual design was born.


I am a Hungary born world 

traveler. I love creating and designing.


I love designing, filming videos and capturing momentsVisuality has an important role in the online business. 


As a Milan trained Fashion Designer, I started creating websites instead of clothes. This makes me feel like I can give something delightful to the agencies and people to make their business growing more efficiently.


I have lived in several parts of the world, and I would love to visit you and do something that warms my heart and flourish your business. 

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